Returning Customers
If you have an existing account with the Knud Nielsen Company and wish to view our catalog prices on, please contact Lisa Jones at 888.814.1749. You will receive your User Name and Password via e-mail, usually within 48 hours.
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New Customers
The Knud Nielsen Company is a manufacturer and importer of dried flowers and accessories. We do not offer our products for sale to the general public.

Prospective customers may establish an account with Knud Nielsen upon approval of application and placement of an opening order. A salesperson will provide pricing information to help you complete the minimum $500 opening order. All purchases are assumed to be for resale or will be used in the regular course of business. We qualify each potential customer, including verification of tax identification number, to insure that we are not selling directly to consumers. This helps us to protect the traditional wholesale and retail channels of distribution. If you would like to become a customer of Knud Nielsen Company, please call us at 888.814.1754 and speak with Andrew Culbreth.